Investing in San Marcos

News of Texas State University moving to the WAC in 2012 has created quite a buzz around the San Marcos, Texas community. The campus is expanding with the Undergraduate Academic Center, the state of the art Performing Arts Center and much, much, more.  Texas State is now the 5th largest University in the state with more than 32,000 students currently enrolled.

Currently, San Marcos is undergoing dynamic growth with Texas State University additions, and it’s prime location between the Austin and San Antonio corridor.

Don’t wait to find your son or daughter a rental, why not invest in something in which you will benefit for years to come?  The student population continues to grow in San Marcos and your equity builds while you student lives there. Once they graduate, your property can be turned into a rental revenue stream for you to enjoy many years after they are finished with school.

Don’t have a dependent in college yet you still want to invest? A college town is an ideal place to own rental houses, condos, duplexes, four-plexes, and apartments.

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Cari Patterson, or “Condo Cari”, is our condo specialist if your looking for a condo or she can help you find the perfect investment to meet your vision of building a portfolio.

Don’t put off today, start building your financial freedom and invest in your future.

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