Podcasts, Catching up on the Go

Are you always on the go and have a hard time finding time to catch that great radio show, pastor’s sermon or that audio book you have been trying to get to? This day and age there is really no excuse, just grab your ipod, ipad, or any MP3 player and listen on the go.

Have you heard of the podcast? A podcast is an audio or video program that lives on the Internet and can be downloaded to your computer as an mp3 file. Missed your favorite sermon from church or radio show? No worries, you can download them to your MP3 device and catch them when you are riding in your car, flying on a plane, taking that bus commute, or riding your bike to class.

Many people forget their device can be so useful and educational. MP3’s are not just for listing to music anymore. With over 2 million songs that can be downloaded on itunes, they now offer over 30,000 podcasts. I even listen to one of my favorite jazz musicians on his weekly podcasts. Keep current on the latest real estate trends, mortgage outlook, NPR, sports shows, college lectures, and the list goes on. The best part is podcasts are free.

Take a gander, see if there is anything to peak your interest and perhaps you will find this is a great resource to save you time while on the go! Let me know if you find a podcast I need to check out!

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